Grecja - czarter jachtu Oceanis 361

lipiec 2015 - Grecja

Dear Agnieszka,

The holiday was SUPER! Everything went very well indeed and we had a great time! Both Alexis and Elias are lovely people and we were very well taken care of throughout.

The boat was great, in excellent order and we could easily envisage ourselves spending a little more time sailing in it if only we manage to organise our life better in the future. Initially we had a lot of wind, in the end practically none, but all in all it was great and we were very sad to leave.

We will be very happy to continue working with you in the future – thank you very much for your excellent organisation

Ahoy! Till next year (or maybe earlier..:))

Best regards
Margaret & Nick Cutler

Margaret & Nick Cutler
Żegluje z Blue-Sails od 2009 roku
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